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Latest Certifications

mdp designs are totally incredibly especially extremely unique, inspiring and creative.

I have been a professional designer and creative consultant for over eighteen years. I currently reside in beautiful Southern California where I have worked for companies both large and small. The majority of my clients have provided me with great insight into how to create adaptive designs that resonate with appropriate target audiences. When I am designing, my goal is to create product that is clean and functional yet with a unique look and feel. I am always striving to push boundaries, to incorporate the latest and greatest technologies and practices into all that I create.

My Job History

Integrated Media Producer | Project Manager

I am currently employed as an Integrated Media Producer at DexYP. I manage the delivery of creative content to enable campaign fulfillment for digital, search, social, print, and direct marketing campaigns, working with the numerous creative teams and strategic partners to maximize engagement and creativity. As a producer I "own" the quality of creative work produced as well as the timeliness of delivery, working with advertisers, sales teams, designers, and vendors. My role is vital in aligning and matching advertiser expectations with publishing timelines and digital interaction.


MarkoniVision was founded in 1996 by designer/creative director Mark Dietrich Phillips. The studio started as a means to pursue the kind of work and clients that Mark wanted to work with and to incorporate his varied backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, branding, advertising, and digital into his own unique style. Since setting up shop in Orange County, California MarkoniVision has creatively shaped brands big and small, locally and internationally with an emphasis on smart, considered and strategic design work. Whether it be a global campaign for YoYo Skateboard Wheels, a motion graphics video for corporate giant YP.com, or branding the local mom and pop shop on his block, each project is treated with the same attention to detail and follows the same process.  MarkoniVision.

GMI | Email Marketing Campaign Manager

Creating email marketing campaigns to promote products and services ensuring the marketing messages are conveyed clearly and delivered properly to prospects. Build messages and send in the proper form and template while ensuring all messages are mobile friendly. Including graphics, incentives and detailed descriptions. Track and analyze direct and interactive marketing campaigns.

YP.com | Website Design

Lead web designer to all YP.com west coast regions including California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. Responsible for website design and customizations, HTML5 and CSS3 manipulation, extensive website support, customer training for online web editing tool, and handling all website escalation issues. Additional duties include designing sales collateral and animated flash ad banners.

AT&T Advertising Solutions | Senior Graphic Designer

Designed, created, and prepared artwork used in pre-press (spot/process color separation), multimedia, and online sites using Photoshop, Illustrator, and server-based workflows across 22 states for large and small projects, ensuring compliance with company standards and regulations. Oversaw, managed, and coordinated responsibilities for the development of graphic design projects from conceptualization to finish, employing innovativeness and creativity while at the same time meeting a 3-5 day turn around.

AT&T Advertising Solutions | Branch Ad Designer

Graphic designer for AT&T Advertising Solutions. Worked closely with walk-in customers and current advertisers. While in that position I created advertising layouts, interactive web banners, and campaign videos for corporate events. Statewide travel to assist other teams to help meet print and ship deadlines.

Digital Graphics Advantage | Graphic Designer

Successfully completed graphic design projects from concept through completion. Worked closely with walk-in customers to create modern designs, and meet campaign deadlines. Effectively built advertising layouts for sales and performed all production functions necessary to create and complete these layouts. Responsible for monitoring productivity, quality, turnaround, and meeting customer requirements by interfacing with customers and sales.

Norfleet Media | Video Editor

Responsible for all post-production video editing, media asset archiving and management. Created commercials for airline companies to be used at the end of the flight. Clipped, trimmed and edited video on a timeline to successfully achieve 30-second commercials showing vacation get-a-ways and easy navigation through the airports upon arrival.

Non Profit Organization | Internet Resources Coordinator (Web Coordinator)

Public Relations member maintaining the Southern California Regional Website and World Website meeting databases. Reporting correspondence at the monthly Orange County Public Relations Subcommittee meeting, attending all Regional PR Web committee meetings. Other duties include reviewing and keeping record of any subcommittee supplied material posted on the website. Issuing and maintaining email ID's and the webmail functions under the Orange County Area domain.

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I hold an Associate of Arts degree (Graphic Design Major) from Platt College in San Diego, California, where I graduated as Valedictorian and was Graduate Speaker in 1999.

I also hold four Adobe Certified Associate Degrees which I achieved at New Horizons Learning Center in Anaheim, California, in 2014.

Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign CS6

Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator CS6

Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional 2016-17, 2017-18

View My Resume Here.

Throughout my career I have always enjoyed freelance opportunities. I specialize in the fields of corporate identity (logo design), web design, print design, and branding.

Below are websites I have created:

Creations Tax Service
Boti Studios
MarkoniVision Blog Page
Mark Dietrich Phillips Designs

Although not a motivating factor, I have been fortunate enough to have received recognition for my work. Below is a small sample:

Recognition for Exemplary Performance and Placed Among the Council of Leaders Honorees within my company at AT&T Advertising Solutions.

Recognition for Excellence in Ad Design, Yearly Revenue Growth, and Customer Satisfaction.

Above and Beyond Awards 1999 - 2013

Volunteer for PARD (Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphins) – Nonprofit Organization (Donations)

International Society Preservation Tropical Rainforest/ISPTR & Press Amazonian River Dolphins (PARD) – Nonprofit Organization (Donations)

OCNA.org – Volunteer Organization (Web Coordinator)

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